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AWDAfter having a listen to their recent EP, In Absence (which you can read a review of here), we had a little chat with the band themselves.


Tell me a little bit about your current release, In Absence. What/who influenced it musically?
When we write songs as a band we really try to not limit ourselves. We want to be as original as possible and write what we feel is right for each song. I think this gives us the advantage of writing songs that work off each other and have a different sound to one-another. We don’t give ourselves boundaries because we don’t want to limit ourselves, we hope this has worked on ‘In Absence’! We all have our personal influences which are probably too varied and too many to mentioned. It’s safe to say we all love artists that think outside the box in all aspects, whether that is writing, recording or production. Thrice are a band well worth mentioning as a big influence for us guys.

How about lyrically – do you find it easier to write about things you’ve experienced and felt, or do the lyrics come naturally?
I think we wouldn’t word our lyric writing much differently to how the questions asks it. We write about what we’ve experienced, felt and the Important things to us whilst trying to avoid cliche, over used subject matters. We have a few different methods when writing lyrics on this EP. The track June was wrote as a concept track wrote to tell a fictional story, It has a specific meaning which is important to us. The song Brothers was wrote in a completely contrasting fashion. The meaning is simply and boldly about sticking together and giving everything together, unlike June the lyrics in Brothers are very evident and make no secret of the songs meaning.

You claim to be perfectionists, so how many – and what sort of – problems did you encounter while making the record? Which song was easiest/hardest/most fun to write?
Well, we try! We’re not saying we write the perfect songs because that wouldn’t be a good statement to make but we do analyse and tweak songs endlessly until we are happy with them. This is a bit frustrating sometimes, it adds time to the writing process but it isn’t something we would ever change as we’re really passionate about wanting the best from every song we write; that said, some songs should be wrote without having too much thought put into them. We would say that June and Gild The Lily were the easiest songs to write. They probably fall into the category of ‘lets not over think’ and we’re really happy with how these songs turned out. We like the vibe to both, June is smooth, flowing song which is what we were aiming for when writing. Gild The Lily is a rawer track, we wanted to keep it simplistic and the production low so that listeners can feel the track (something we think can be lost in over produced music). The most interesting song to write for us could be the title track In Absence as we experimented with some different methods and sounds. Again, really stoked with how it came out!

I felt the start of the intro wouldn’t have been much out of place in a dance track – for a band who are relatively heavy, I was surprised; even more so with how well it worked. What prompted you to include that?
To be honest we got the idea to work the intro the way it did quite late in the process. We had the guitar down and the original ideas we had of producing it into the song didn’t have the right feel. We recorded at Anemic Studios with Kevin Peters and by the way, this guy is awesome. A few members of the band are really into electronic music and so is Kev so we just tried this and straight away knew it fitted. There are other instances throughout the EP where we have used similar but not so obvious parts.

How do you feel your music has progressed and changed since you began as a band?
We have all been in bands for years so naturally the music has changed massively. Since A World Defined has been in full swing however it has been a real natural and comfortable progression. We released a 4 track EP in 2012 named ‘Welcome in This Feeling’ which is a lot rawer but in-between that release and the new EP ‘In Absence’ we released a few single/videos which were part of the progression and definitely helped with our progress. Right now, we are sure this is the best we have ever been at writing songs and we are really happy with what we are doing. The best is definitely still yet to come.

Who did you chose for supports at your EP release show, and how did you choose them?
Our EP release show was in our hometown, Derby so we wanted to make it an awesome night all round and not just a good gig. We are proud of everything we have done in line with this release and wanted to share it with our friends so all the bands on the bill were good friends. We had The Distant North, Elegies who are from Sheffield and we toured with last year and Eva Plays Dead playing the show.

Finally, you’ve got an upcoming article in Rocksound – tell me about how that came about, and which track can we hear on the cover CD?
Yeah we were so excited to hear that we would be in Rocksound! We got played on Kerrang! Radio a few weeks ago and that was awesome but to be given an 8-10 review and placed on the cover CD of Rocksound, a magazine which a lot of us have read for a long time was insane. Certainly one of our proudest moments. We chose June to be put onto the CD as we had already released a video for Brothers and wanted to show everybody a different side to us, we felt that it would fit well within a Rocksound CD.

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