Able Archer – Ghostmaker review

Hailing from the other side of the pond (not America, just Ireland), Able Archer describes themselves as “a proper rock band with hardly any ironic beards or cardigans” – succinct. All five of the member have been involved in the Irish music scene for well over a decade, with their current outfit forming in 2011. To date they’ve released a debut EP, Bullets, followed by a UK & Ireland tour in 2013, and last year saw the release of feisty single, Ghostmaker, which you can stream below.

The three minute radio-ready single has been kicking up quite a storm and making a name for the band on both blocks of land, including being featured on BBC Radio 6. With a bite to the riffs that grips the track, brilliant use is made of the band’s ability to construct a build up and worthwhile climax, instrumental pushing the music along ready for a chorus that demands attention. Give the punchy single a listen below…

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