Adelphia post-Download interview

AdelphiaBefore we saw Adelphia headlining Rock City with Lacey, we caught up with them about Download, their search for a new rhythm guitarist, and what they’ve got coming up.

Since we last caught up, you’ve played the Red Bull stage at Download – how was that?
It was pretty awesome.
I mean, playing Download Festival is always awesome, couldn’t really say anything negative about it.
It’s an amazing experience.

Was it your first time?
Yeah, we’re all Download virgins as well, none of us had been, so it was something special.
It’s weird to go there first time, not as a spectator.
It’s just cool.
You get the backstage experience first.
Yeah, exactly.

What sort of size crowd did you pull in?
It’s hard to see, it’s always hard to see crowds.
We had some people tell us that we had like, between two and four hundred.
Which for that tent seems alright, we were on at the same time as Black Stone Cherries.
Which was a secret band.
Yeah, no one knew they were on until they were on.
So let’s just say we had a lot of competition.

How did you go about getting on there?
We went through a competition with Red Bull, basically, we applied ourselves to play Download Red Bull stage, and it went through a public vote, and it was the top 100 first, then they choose from the top fifteen out of there.

Who were you alongside on the stage?
Other Red Bull contendents.
Yeah, contestants.
But which contestents were we against? So, it was Life on Standby.
And Create to Inspire, which won-
Were they on the same day as us?
-Sinners Highway, no, they were on the Saturday. Chinese Missy.
A lot of bands.

I can imagine. Who else did you get to see on the weekend?
Loads of people.
Bring Me The Horizon.
I was on vocal rest so I couldn’t go and see anyone.
The other three of us were there all weekend.
Bring Me The Horizon, Letlive., Linkin Park, Aerosmith, The Used. Oh, Avenged Sevenfold.

What was the highlight for you – playing?
It’s hard to pick one.
I think the highlight for me, as lame as it sounds, was the whole hanging out backstage sort of experience. There’s a big balcony where you can stand next to the main stage and see all over the crowd, so that was just an experience in itself.
For me, it was like, the pulled pork burger is up there. (laughter) We had one, didn’t we?
We had like six.
The burgers were so nice.
That is up there, but I think more the fact of just saying “we played Download”, is probably the best feeling.
I was cool as well, I think on the Saturday, Don Broco actually came down, and they were mentors of the competition so it was good to, like, say thank you to them. ‘Cause they did a massive part of it didn’t they?
Yeah, they did quite a lot.
Must’ve been pretty cool to be respected by them, as well.
Yeah, it was really weird for them to say to us “oh, how’re you guys doing?” rather us say “oh it’s-”
Because previously they’d listened in on our recording, while we were recording our track down with Red Bull.

What’ve you got planned from the summer regards festivals?
We’ve got Macmillan festival which is here, in Nottingham, in September. And we’re playing main stage Rescue Rooms for that, which should be good.
Should be?
Should be. Rescue Rooms is another main stage we’ve always wanted to play, being from Nottingham.
Probably one of the, the only big stage in Nottingham we haven’t played… so it’s gonna be fun.
Except for the arena.
Yeah, yeah, we’ve played that!
Yeah, we’ve not played there…
Yeah, but again, even tonight is a milestone for us, it’s the first time headlining Rock City. Although it’s the basement stage, it’s still-
We’ve always been like openers, or second on at Rock City, but we’ve not played it in a while. The basement, anyway, so this is like a bit of a jump from opener to headlining it. It kinda shows the progression that we’ve made as well, as a band.
It’s good to see they’re all coming just for us, as well, which is a different aspect to what it usually is. Usually we’re supporting somebody that they wanna see, and being a headliner, most people will come to watch.

You’re currently looking for a rhythm guitarist?

Can you tell people what you’re looked for, how you get involved, how you can apply?
Someone awesome.
We want someone that’s with the ability and creative mind, but we’re also looking for someone who can sort of- ’cause we’re really weird, like, when people meet us, they’re like “they’re really weird…but they feel comfortable weird”.
We’re up for a laugh.
We need a bro that’s gonna gel to us.
We need a bro, in the Adelphia brotherhood, who’s gonna-
You just said a “brotherhood brotherhood” didn’t you?
Adelphia is “brotherhood” in Greek. So, you asked for a brotherhood brotherhood.
And they can apply by emailing
Other than festivals and playing gigs, what’re your plans for the summer?
We wanna record a new video. We’re in the process of doing that at the minute.
For our new single which we hope to release in September.
We’re writing a lot of stuff, we’re trying to develop our sound a little bit, trying to experiment a bit more.
Yeah, we’ve been doing a lot of experimenting in practise and sort of, taking in our other influences and sort of putting them into our sound.
And obviously gigging wise we are, it is a bit of a struggle at the moment, having session guitarists in to fill in the sound.
We’ve had to turn a lot of gigs down, so…
But, we are playing Intake at Mansfield on December 6th, so you can come to that. We’re main support for that.

Another slightly relevant question, how do you go about choosing session guitarists?
Well, say Jay’s the session guitarist here, I say “Jay, look at my fingers, play this” (laughter) No, but a bit of creativity is good.
More or less, they’ve just got to be a solid guitarist.
We generally pick a friend, or a friend of a friend, who we know is a solid guitarist.
We need a guy who we can trust, so, who’s gonna practise at home.
Like, we’ve got our friend Matt, out of Eva Plays Dead.
He’s session for us, he’s literally had a week to learn songs for a whole performances, and what? Two and a half practises. So…
He’s done a really good job.
So, thank you, Matt.
We love you, Matt!

Any way you’d like to finish the interview?
With a “goodbye”, and walk out the door. That’s generally how you finish them. You mean something more distinct?
If you want to. I mean, you could walk out, but it wouldn’t be much good on audio.
We could try and back flip?
That’d be so uneffective.
Are you ready? (back flips) See, that was a live back flip.
Cheers, thank you!

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