Arctic Lake – Just How Long Can You Stare review

It’s pretty obvious that if you want to get known in the world of music, you have to make music that stands out, yes? Well, that’s exactly what Arctic Lake have done. The only word that springs to my mind when listening to this song is “idyllic”; there’s simply no other way to describe the calming vocals and fluidity of this beautiful record.

I can’t think of any current band that can compare to the talent of these guys – try and imagine a perfect mix Vance Joy, Half Moon Run, London Grammar and Paramore. The band have been having their first shot at radio play recently, and it’s not hard to see why – this track wouldn’t be out of place on mainstream radio.

The band’s first single, Just How Long Can You Stare, features a fantastic combination of soothing melodies and firey passion, creating a debut which is a cleverly contrived as it is excellent. I can only hope that this band get the recognition they deserve.

Twitter: @Arctic_Lake

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