Arthur Walwin – Bad review

After supporting his release of This Feels Like Summer! all the way back in July, we’re ridiculously excited to tell you that the new music doesn’t finish there, with tonight marking the release of the lyric video for his new single, Bad – you can check it out below. Despite the title of his new single this track is anything but – trust us.

For those of you aren’t familiar with Arthur’s work, his music strikes the perfect mix of emotional depth through lyricism that leaves you wishing you’d written it, all the hooks and power of an All Time Low single, and the sheer, feel-good, outgoing sheen of Katy Perry.

His music is a guilty pleasure without any of the guilt; whilst bragging the beat and optimism of a track ideally suited to a daytime Radio 1 or a chart hit, there’s a grounding sense of passion in his music that’s exclusively elicited in song forged from a love of music – the sort of raw love you only usually find in unsigned bands selling their soul to continuing playing.

Lyrically, this single pivots around the idea of being true to yourself and ignoring people who play the victim and blame you; it’s an accessible theme laced in an accessible beat – the real charm of his work.

With his success from recent releases powering him along, Arthur takes to the road in a week, before heading over to America for a pair of dates in California in just under a month. You can catch him live on-

23rd October: Dundee – Buskers
27th October: London – The Garage
29th October: Swansea – Static
30th October: Plymouth – Tiki Bar
31st October: Chatham – Prince of Wales
2nd November: Nottingham – The Maze

15th November: Los Angeles, CA – The Mint
16th November: San Diego, CA – Woody’s

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