B.D. Gottfried – Sociopathic Traffic

To write and record even one album is no mean feat, but to say that Canadian artist B.D. Gottfried has just released his seventh solo studio album is a nothing short of incredible. Having received radio airplay in eleven countries and played to crowds of over 50,000 before are also notable notches in the belt, and last month saw his latest single dropped off his newest addition to a staggering back catalogue of music.

If the fully animated video wasn’t enough of a clue, it’s safe to say that Gottfried’s music can be classified as “quirky”. With the hooks and a instant singalong charm of the modern radio-ready rock, Sociopathic Traffic‘s classic rock riffs remain in the mind as much as the addictive chorus. Despite this bizarre albeit attractive combination, there remains a somewhat stagnant feel to the music; enthusiastic, but monotonous with it, not ebbing and rising for the hooks to have a real impact.

You can listen to Sociopathic Traffic below.

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