Bare Knuckle Parade – Diamond Eyes review

There’s a lot of pop-rock out there, and everyone wants their slant on it to sound a little different. They might be from Bath, but it seems that Bare Knuckle Parade have decided to go about it by making themselves sound a bit Australian. An unconventional move but one that works all the same.

Last Friday the five indie-rockers released their new music video for latest single, Diamond Eyes, the band’s first release since their debut EP, Iron Lungs. Quite frankly, the music video seems to be nothing more than the band jumping around in front of a bunch of cleverly placed lights for four and a half minutes. This trick has gone beyond being a cliche, it’s just straight up unoriginal, and a perfect way to lose my attention.

In itself, Diamond Eyes is catchy and fun, the big hooks are bound to be a hit to win over fans at a live show, and they’ve got a passion that claws its way through with every slightly raspy vocal. Every aspect of the song shows how much the band are capable of, but the video manages to let them down spectacularly – one look at the light shining across several shots of the drums and you’ve lost me.

Bare Knuckle Parade have already had a good clutch at the limelight, having played Glastonbury, Nass, and 2000 Trees festival, and an album seems to be in the pipeline. All I ask of the band is that they take the catchy creativity they have in their music and apply it to their music video.

You can listen to Diamond Eyes below.

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