Bror Forsgren – In A Time When God Was One review

There’s a very definite line between the worlds of “pop” music and “chart” music, and when Bror Forsgren’s forthcoming album is discussed in terms of being a full-on, glorious, pop orientated release, it’s best to remember that we mean pop in terms of pop-art and bold, lavish sound. Forsgren (The Lionheart Brothers, Jaga Jazzist and Silence The Foe) is at 34 years old releasing his solo-debut, and not cutting corners or shying away from the branding of pop with it. Out on September 25th via Jansen Plateproduksjon, Narcissus is set to be a glorious nine track offering.

The first song to be revealed off the record, In A Time When God Was One, was premiered on Clash recently. Bursts of strings among the opening and close strike against the many layers of vocals that bulk up the track to create a very surround-sound atmosphere, all-consuming and compelling. Bold, confident, and undeniably fun, In A Time When God Was One‘s timeless sound makes it irresistible and endlessly enjoyable.

You can listen to In A Time When God Was One below.

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