Brother Goose – What’s What review

WHATSWHATBack in the very beginnings of summer (well, May), south coast quintet Brother Goose released their latest single, Lone Ranger, a fiery blast of electronic rock which we absolutely loved. Now summer is finally here, we took a minute to look back on the band’s last full offering, their 2014 What’s What EP. This four track release is one of several successes on Brother Goose’s ledger from last year, including live sessions for various local BBC radio stations.

A sparkly, electronica intro to Shapeshifter commences proceedings, flaring up against the raw instrumental that plays its part as the song progresses. Although the music seems dying for vocals that are slightly more inclined to soar across the track for a powerful, surreal live show execution, it’s a solid opening and with catchy hooks it’s an easy favourite as an earworm of a single.

Though Full Speed is a modern, snappy, and punchy track, the sub-three minute number manages to hold a hint of a pre-millennium electronica vibe about it and boast a classic, timeless sound to the track that you’ll wish you could request in a club. If the closest you can get is learning all the words and belting the track at a gig, give it a shot for the sake of the old-school temperament.

Keeping up the contrasts and jumping forward a little, I Don’t Want To‘s noughties sound beats up against clean, deadpan, Ghouls-esque vocals to show off the indie clash of electronics and live band, whilst the riffs and percussion that open final Brothers In Arms flip the focus. Again, there’s a feeling that the vocals would benefit from having more bite, and the end result sounds like a live session for the subdued edge, not what the band are fully capable of. The 30 seconds that close the EP wind down with an acoustic guitar, reaching as far from What’s What‘s opening as possible.

It can be a tough one to make music in the crosstide of rock and electronica, though the scene is gradually bustling up with the likes of PVRIS. Brother Goose’s have done a good job to keep the balance neat and polished, but most of all this is a summery release that deserves your attention if it didn’t get it last year.

You can stream Shapeshifter below.

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