Conor Maynard – Royalty review

Back in 2012, smash hit success popstar Conor Maynard released his debut album, Contrast, and 2015 sees his return, with an as-of-yet untitled follow up. Though he was subject to many Justin Beiber comparisons back in the day, mainly due to his baby face and method of discovery, there are few likenesses between the pair, and the singer/songwriter looks up to the likes of Rihanna for stylistic inspiration.

Speaking of his forthcoming full length, Conor says, “No two songs on the album sound the same. I didn’t want to stick to one style. I love the way Rihanna makes albums – club bangers beside reggae songs, next to soft, sweet ballads and maybe a track with acoustic guitar. I’m someone who dances to Drake in a club, then plays John Mayer in the car. I want to express all of my tastes in my own music.”

This stance is apparent with the work he’s revealed thus far this year – the electro pop anthem, Talking About is a world away from forthcoming single Royalty. On the matter of the track, which was firged in the studio with Labrinth, Conor muses, “I think Lab had been watching Bugsy Malone. He knew exactly what he wanted to create, in such detail that it took us three hours to record the first verse. I had to sing in a swing/jazz style, which I never imagined I’d even attempt. Royalty really does sound like nothing else out there, which is such a rare quality in pop.”

There’s a fun and eclectic sense to the music, piano and jazz mixing with futuristic R n B and electronic, creating a track that’s such an earworm it’s bound to appeal to beyond his fans. I call it now – this will be one of the biggest singles of this summer.

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