Demob Happy – Succubus 7” Vinyl review

DHWords: Kelly Ronaldson

There’s no denying that the majority of today’s bands – from all ends of the spectrum – have deserted the idea of releasing records on vinyl and have settled for the more generic, commercial outlet of digital downloads. Brighton’s garage rockers Demob Happy, however, have combined the two, releasing their new single Succubus in the form of a digital download and a limited edition 7” vinyl.

Having just come off the road after their first ever headline tour playing to packed out rooms up and down the UK, and supporting Superfood and Honeyblood on the NME New Breed tour, this new release was sure to be a fan favourite at their sold out show at London’s 100 Club last Friday. However, whether it’s battling in court for their gear back from the noise police, making music videos for £10, or recording and producing everything they do themselves, then returning the gear to the shop afterwards for a refund – Demob Happy didn’t get it easy, they just made it look that way.

The Newcastle born quartet left their adopted home of Brighton behind to record Succubus. Venturing deep into the Welsh countryside, they built their own studio away from the confines of the city before returning to work with Pink Floyd’s engineer Andy Jackson for mastering duties. Released on November 17th via Milk Parlour Records, Succubus is a fuzzy mix of drawling vocals and grungy guitar riffs, very similar to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age.

What’s more, this 7” vinyl contains a brilliant, exclusive b-side track – a cover of Technohead’s 1995 rave anthem, I Wanna Be a Hippy, sampling David Peel & the Lower East Side’s late 60s street rock song, I Like Marijuana. Produced by Mike Lord and mastered by Nick Lewis, the b-side is an upbeat track with a very strong 70s era punk rock feel to it.

Frontman Matt Marcantonio said, “I remember my older brother playing the Technohead version when I was too young to know what the fuck it all meant. But it’s a cover, which makes ours a cover of a cover. It’s a David Peel jam song that Technohead sampled that I guess we’ve un-sampled. Some people clock it as a cover, everyone else just thinks we love smoking weed so much we wrote a song about it. Either way works.”

The 7” vinyl is available via their online store at

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