Earl Grey interview

After Georgia Stephenson checked out the new EP from Earl Grey (which you can read about here), she had a chat to Pedro and Lukas of the band about the work, and threw in some more general questions.

Why do you make music that infuses two different genres – hardcore and pop punk?
Because we grew up listening to both genres and wanted to combine them our own way.

What is your favourite song you have recorded on latest EP Passing Time?
It’s the last track on the EP – Haven.

As our website’s readers will be aware from reading the review we published about Passing Time a few weeks ago, you are German natives but the EP is in English – why did you pick this language and not go for your native tongue?
Do you know any bands expect Rammstein who sing in German?

Is one of your main aims to change the way your home nation perceives the alternative scene, and increase the availability of pop punk to German listeners?
Not at all. We actually play the music we love. We didn’t form a band to create a German version of pop punk. It’s just what we want to do right now.

You have stated that you feel that you have taken a ‘big step forward’ with your latest EP from your first one – explain to our readers why you think this.
I think people our age can relate to our songs. I also think we have a unique sound and don’t sound like another band. The thing with the ‘big step forward’ is about the songwriting and structure of the songs. We tried a lot of new things in the writing and recording process.

Have you written any new songs that you are planning to put on a future release?
Yes! Moritz is working on some new songs and we’re gonna work through them in the next weeks. Writing new material is always very refreshing and we’re all looking forward to it.

After you have released Passing Time next month, do you plan to focus on touring & promoting yourselves throughout Europe, or record more music?
Touring! It’s way more fun and the best way to get your name out there. We already have some plans for early 2016 but there’s still a lot of work to do. But we will also start working on our debut album soon.

Inspired by your band’s name, what is each member’s favourite flavour of tea?
Pedro: Peppermint
Lukas: Turkish Apple
Tristan: Coffee
Benny: Green Tea
Moritz: Chai

Would you rather work with One Direction, or Justin Bieber?
Definitely Biebs.

If each of you was placed on a desert island, and could only take one album each with you, what would it be and what are the reasons behind your choice?
Tristan: The Story So Far – Under Soil And Dirt
Moritz: Title Fight – The Last Thing You Forget
Benny: The Menzingers – On The Impossible Past
Pedro: Seahaven – Winter Forever
Lukas: Balance & Composure – Separation

You can listen to Passing Time below.

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