Elasea – Where I Belong review

ELASEAWHEREIBELONGThe moment this EP started I knew this was going to be the average English rock band EP. A fairly standard intro for many current wave of rock bands from the UK. And like all of those bands that struggle to distinguish themselves and create their own unique style, Elasea falls into that category also unfortunately. It also doesn’t help that the vocalist sounds very similar to Lower Than Atlantis singer Mike Duce, which essentially takes away the chance of them having a distinct sound to others in the genre.

With that said, the EP isn’t bad. Slightly derivative and doesn’t leave me feeling much towards the songs, they all play through without much standing out and not much is remembered by the end, which isn’t good since it’s so short you’d expect to. Perhaps it’s the lack of hooks; the choruses aren’t memorable and they don’t feel like ever actually happened by blending in with the rest of the song. The guitar riffs tend to fall to the back of the mix and that doesn’t help the tracks flow with any kind of melody, but when the guitar is more prominent they sound fairly bland.

The title track starts off in quite a bright way, but then of course the “chuggy riffs” come in and it turns pretty boring, especially the chorus. Then there’s breakdown part towards the end which was tailor made for young teens to mosh at a small gig. Time Is Against Us goes for something a bit more punchier and it works better for them even it’s not that original. Similar with the closing track, an obligatory, fairly basic acoustic track with guest vocals from Alex Gale, which has a nice tone to it. The track adds electric instrumentation toward the end, sort of attempting If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember, but not reaching it of course.

My thoughts overall aren’t much more than an just an average EP in a saturated genre with nothing new at this point. There will be people who’ll enjoy this however, fans of Lower Than Atlantis, early You Me At Six, bands similar to this, just without the pop flavour.

You can watch the video for Lost In The Dark below.

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