EnterTheLexicon interview

In a few days, Newcastle trio EnterTheLexicon will be releasing their next single, Full Moon, so we had a chat with them beforehand about it…

Hey, EnterTheLexicon, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us.
First of all, describe your music for those who are unfamiliar with it.
It’s just raw, real and honest music from three fucked up boys. The best way to understand it is to watch us live for sure. If you had to put a ‘label’ on the music however, I guess you could say you can hear influences of Queens Of The Stoneage, the distillers and Nirvana.

Full Moon‘s due for release on November 24th – what’s influenced the track?
The track reflects what was happening at that current time of construction. We tend to write in the moment and it just sorta… Falls out.

Tell us a bit about the music video for this single.
The music video kinda follows the song in a sense that’s it’s open for the viewer to create whatever they think it’s about.

How was filming it, any amusing anecdotes?
If you count standing on a beach holding a light board and nearly being swallowed up by the sea, whilst simultaneously on the verge of developing frost bite on your fingers and toes amusing, then yes, it was definitely that.

How’ve things changed since you’ve been signed to Kill/Hurt?
It’s been cool you know, we’ve had some awesome coverage this year. Scuzz and Kerrang TV picking up the last single was a definite highlight. The last tour was more of a recent highlight for me, even if it was cramped in a van with 5 other sweaty dudes.

And, finally, what does 2015 look to hold for you?
It’s set to be a pretty outstanding year for us, a few secrets and plans are ready to be announced over the beginning of next year and a lot more to follow.

Good to catch up with you, all the best with the new single!

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