EnterTheLexicon self titled review

Hailing from Newcastle Upon Time, alternative rock band EnterTheLexicon are set to release their self-titled EP in early June, but we’ve been fortunate enough to have a listen to the triumph beforehand.

Even from the opening drumbeat of Do You Feel The Same, it’s clear that the band have a well developed and unique sound, albeit bridging across several genres throughout the EP. A slightly long intro leads into surprisingly secure vocals from Mykl (Barton), which backing vocals only compliment. The tight instrumental combined with lyrics which entice create a track that you’ll undoubtedly want to play on full volume and sing along with. I Am Not You is undeniably the heaviest track off the EP, and the statement electric riffs which begin the track only hint at the bold and reckless stand out chorus, joined with Mykl’s terrific husky vocals. Stand out line “I don’t need to fucking need you” has a passion and anger that I’m sure everyone can relate to, making the trio’s music even more accessible, and the harsh vocals featured towards the end of song add another level of gritty realism to the music.

Full Moon quietens and slows things down a little and is the perfect song to fit halfway through a set and bring the crowd together to chant as a whole. With its romantic chorus and brutally honest verses, this track highlights the terrific lyricism of the band; it definitely feels like all inhibitions have been spared to produce five minutes of raw, against-all-odds optimism. The closing track picks the pace up again, and again features understated harsh vocals. Enantiodromia also includes the most prominent breakdown of the album, at which point Mykl’s vocals are once again underlined as fantastic. The EP finishes with a guitar riff as pronounced as the drumbeat that started it, and the compact excellence of the four tracks leaves no need for explanation as to why the band are receiving so much press attention.

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