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Not too long ago we went to check out E of E whilst they toured the country with Glamour of the Kill – we had a chat with the band about the shows, their music, and where they are in the world of music…

You’ve recently got back off tour with Glamour of the Kill – how was it?
It was really good, those guys have been touring and playing for 7 years so there’s a lot of tips to pick up, they play a killer show! They are also great guys and sharing a tour bus with them and Ashes was awesome, some very late heavy sessions and laughs, some great Instagram moments!

You’ve previously played shows with the likes of McBusted and The Vamps, who are the opposite end of the rock scale to GOTK. Where do you see yourself on that scale?
Right in the middle, our music is rock-pop, with strong elements of both genres. We live to play live and it’s great to play our songs to different crowds and people – we had great reactions with both. We’d like to be the first band to headline both Download and V festival!

How did you first get into music?
Growing up in the same area of Birmingham, Dan met Luke at school and played in a couple of bands together before meeting vocalist Tom in 2012. Originally naming the band ‘Audio Disease’, they had their first gig at Dudley’s Kingswinford Rugby club. After deciding on a slightly different music direction for the band, a name change was in order – therefore EofE was born. Tom ’s talent became apparent early, starting to sing from the age of 8. Enjoying performing and being told by family members to pursue his gift, during his school years he was cast as Romeo in ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and Troy in ‘High School Musical’ in local productions. The other members also showed musical promise at an early age, with Luke starting to play bass in a punk band at 12 ‘as no else wanted to play it’. However, almost surprisingly it was the bands resident guitar fanatic that didn’t pick up an axe until it took an unfortunate accident to really kick-start his passion.

‘When I was younger I saw my uncle play guitar and thought, ‘that looks cool’, so I played a little bit when I was 11. My first love was football though, and I had a professional trial booked. Unfortunately, I seriously broke my leg, which resulted in a cast for 9 months, and I was unable to play for a year. So when I was 14 I picked up the guitar again, and I’ve barely put it down since!’ Now 19, his band mates will back up the claim that he’s never more than 3ft away from his guitar at any one time – he’s even built up a very impressive collection of 11, and one mandolin. Nicky is a third generation drummer who auditioned to join the band via a mutual friend and joined EofE full time in Feb 2014. After the McBusted tour we wanted to fatten up our live sound and don’t like using tracks so we started looking for a rhythm guitarist , Nicky met Reece on a night out and invited him along , and he joined in September 2014, EofE was complete

Your current single, Stars In Hollywood, speaks about leaving your hometown and moving on to bigger and better things; looking back, did you expect to get this far as a band when you started things?
We are grateful for all the opportunities we have had and don’t take anything for granted, but to be honest and answer the question then we would have to say Yes, we are all committed to the band and believe in what we do , we are aiming to be around for a long time.

And looking forward, where do you see you see yourself five years down the line?
Touring and playing stadiums that has to be aim for all bands really, live is what it’s all about . We have some great ideas for our stadium shows already 🙂 We’d like to be renowned across the world for our live shows, no tracks, just pure live music

What’s been your biggest “pinch me” moment so far?
There’s been so many great moments, it’s hard to pick a few, we’ve had some amazing moments on tours and on stage, all the fans, everyone we’ve met, even Nicky and Reece because at the start of the band we didn’t even know who they were. Show wise playing the O2 arena is up there for me, along with playing the NEC and the NIA on different tours and also playing to sold out Birmingham Institute crowd on our unleashed tour, that was special.

Have you any plans for UK festivals this summer?
We do have a few local ones booked in, plus the Great Escape, Camden Rocks, we also have some announcements soon, can’t say at the moment though.

What’re your plans for the rest of the year?
2015 is the year of our debut album, we’ve had some great support so far from Kerrang!, Planet Rock, TeamRock, BBC introducing with our singles so we are looking to get more support.
Another couple of tours of the UK and Europe are currently being looked at too.

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