Everyday Sidekicks interview

After last week’s review of EDSK’s album, Set Yourself Alight, I had a chat with the band about how they formed, and how it all came together so quickly.

You formed in March 2012, yet not at first as Everyday Sidekicks – what prompted this change, and the change of genre from metal-core to post-hardcore?
Didn’t like the name, the music scene around us was full of metalcore bands so we wanted to bring a change in the scene.

As a band, you’ve grown a lot in a short space of time, how does that feel? To say about 18 months ago you were just forming, and you already have an album out, that’s incredible!
It’s a really good feeling, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into this band and seeing it come this far in such a short space of time is incredible. We are proud of the album and everything we’ve done!

You’ve played to over 1,000 people before at Bristol’s 02 Academy, can you describe how that felt?
Out of this world! We were scared shitless though haha. Pacing back and forth backstage telling each other to ‘remember to do this’ and little things like that! It went well though, and it has been one of our favourite gigs so far.

That’s the largest crowd you’ve played to, what’s the smallest? Either as EDSK or before you formed.
1,000 people at the 02 Bristol, and we’ve played to literally three people before in a really shitty pub haha.

What’s your worst experience on stage, or the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while performing?
We used to have trouble with our old vocalist a lot with timing, but there’s been too many times where we’ve snapped strings on stage as well as dropping drumsticks and plectrums, we’re terrible!

Quickfire questions –
First album you ever bought?
GREG – Blink-182 – Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
JOSH – Now 71 haha
ARCHIE – Now 43?
TIM – Good Charlotte, The Young and The Hopeless
DAN – Pendulum, In Silico

Best album you ever bought?
GREG – Deja entendu, Brand New
JOSH – Green Day, American Idiot
ARCHIE – A Day To Remember, What Separates Me From You
TIM – Parkway Drive, Deep Blue
DAN – Rise Against, Appeal To Reason

First gig you ever went to?
GREG – Enter Shikari
JOSH – Green Day
ARCHIE – Busted
TIM – All Time Low
DAN – Pendulum

First gig you ever played?
GREG – a small rock club called hobbits with other bands from my school
JOSH – with a band called Taking Chances, Somerset Hall
ARCHIE – with the same band, at The Fleece Bristol
TIM – Same as Josh haha
DAN – The Fleece with EDSK, July 2012

Worst injury you’ve obtained while performing?
GREG – just yesterday Tim pushed me into the drumkit and I fell into it aha
JOSH – Cut myself quite badly when falling over
ARCHIE – Drumstick to the eye
TIM – Twisted his ankle
DAN – he ‘bassed’ himself

Would you rather never listen to music again, or never create music again?
GREG – never listen to it
JOSH – Not create it
ARCHIE – Not create it
TIM – Not create it
DAN – Not create it

Would you rather do a track featuring Gwen Stefani or Mick Jagger?
GREG – Mick Jagger
JOSH – Mick Jagger
ARCHIE – Mick Jagger
TIM – Doesn’t know
DAN – Mick Jagger

Weirdest place you’d like to do a gig?
GREG – in a giant ballpit
JOSH – Skating dome
ARCHIE – Roof of a boat (oh wait!)
TIM – Igloo
DAN – Death Star

Best band with a similar size fan base to your own?
GREG – Roots
JOSH – Koshiro, Breathe In The Silence, Syren City
ARCHIE – Syren City
TIM – Koshiro
DAN – Koshrio

You can download the album and check out the review for it here: http://mentionedreviews.co.uk/everyday-sidekicks-set-yourself-alight/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/everydaysidekicks
Twitter: @EDSKOfficial

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