Everyday Sidekicks: Set Yourself Alight

Set Yourself AlightFormed in March 2012, Everyday Sidekicks are a Bristol based 5 piece post-hardcore band. They’ve grown incredibly quickly, and at the end of July this year, they released their debut album Set Yourself Alight. It’s got to be said, the most phenomenal thing about this band is that they’ve grown so quickly – and they’ve got enough talent to give a fair few more well-established bands a reason to rethink what they’re doing.

In their list of influences, EDSK put Bring Me The Horizon first – not surprising, seen as on more than one occasion I’ve had to double check I was, in fact, listening to the right album – they’re just that good. In particular, I felt that Kingdoms, the opening track, could easily have fitted onto Sempiternal (BMTH’s latest). Set Yourself Alight, the fourth track off the album with the same name, also felt like Oli Sykes (Bring Me’s vocalist) had done some writing for it, with lines such as “the look in your eyes says you don’t care if you live or die / if I gave you the choice you’d probably set yourself alight”. Sounds rather like “can you tell from the look in our eyes? / We’re going nowhere” to me. Luckily they add their own twist to the tracks, and it works out rather well.

Two tracks on the album feature members of other bands, the first being Ghosts, featuring Ben Errington of Koshiro. The effect of this moves the music away from sounding like BMTH, and creates a more pre-2010 Deaf Havana style record. With a longer and slightly more electro intro, this song stands out to me as being one of the best on the album. In contrast, Circumstances, featuring Ali Ross of Cars On Fire, is heavier than the rest of the album, and after an incredible drum intro (which would be a joy to see live) I felt the chorus didn’t quite fit in as it should have.

Personally, I prefer the less heavy tracks off of the album, particularly Post It Notes and This Broken House Is Home as they give you a better opportunity to appreciate the incredible song writing on the album. Another highlight of the album for me is Hopeless Antics. The line “we were young and in love, or at least we were young”, is one you can imagine being repeated for a long time to come; one that leaves you thinking “how is it that so many huge bands have written songs so similar, and yet no one thought about phrasing it so accurately?” It just goes to show that you can be expecting big things from this band! Oh, and it’s an absolute must that if you’re singing along, you sing in their accent. Seriously.

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