Further Than Forever: Shelter

FTFIt’s only days away from the official launch of Further Than Forever’s debut album, Shelter. The three-piece Derby rock band have been around a few years now, and the long-awaited record had definitely been worth all the time it’s spent brewing!

Shelter starts with a classic prelude, which doesn’t seem to give away much to the album, sounding like it wouldn’t be out of place in a horror film trailer. Regardless, it didn’t set a bad note, and although I began to think “does it need to be this long?” (1:44), it seemed very well thought out to say it was off a debut album. The second track, Sin City, starts to lay down the scene for the whole album, and although at point is feels like the backing is almost secondary to the vocals, there are select points where the creativity of a fresh band shines through. After all, what would the music scene be if there weren’t new bands to continually shape it?

Track three, Gate Crasher, seems to have a better mix of vocals to instrumental, and my first thought when it had finished was “that sounds like a real rock song”. Turns out, this was what was to be expected from the rest of the record – tracks that could fill a venue with such confidence, they could be played anywhere from backstreet pubs to open-air rock festivals.

My personal favourite off the album has to be the fifth track, Waiting For You. Softer than the previous tracks, it contains a heartfelt, controlled tone that I wasn’t expecting. I did slightly have fears that it would be very typical of longer tracks among an album of shorter songs – simply waiting for it to be over. Thankfully, it was nothing like I had feared, and I’m happy to say that Further Than Forever managed to pull off such a masterpiece – it definitely stands out on the album. Blinding Light, again, is a softer track, which feels like it might have been slightly influenced by bands such as R.E.M. – I was particularly reminded of them here. Personally, I felt they should have kept the intro slightly simpler, to continue the tone that had been set in Waiting For You, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that each track is as brilliant as the last.

I have to say, I’m shocked that Shelter is a debut album. Although I felt that Sin City was slightly out of place in an album produced to such a high standard, the whole record is an impressive feat!

The album launch is this Saturday, at The Vic Inn, Derby – doors are 7pm.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FurtherThanForever
Twitter: @FTFtheband

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