Jacco Gardner – Hypnophobia review

JACCOWords: Abby Ashenhurst

Hypnophobia is the new album by Jacco Gardner, usually noted for his ‘psychedelic’ feel, which was released on May 4th. Recording this album (and the rest of his music) in his own studio is in mine and many other people’s opinions a huge part of it. As well as it being great quality technically and production wise, it’s an easy listen and attracts a large audience. Upon my first listen of the album I notice the recognisable guitar tones and his vocals giving a soft folky feel, which is always great and easy to listen to.

This album overall is very consistent and is in ways exactly what you’d expect from Gardner; the harmonic vocals and instrumentation, with the folky and psychedelic feeling all the way through. Some songs have are softer such as Face to Face and some are a lot more upbeat.

Two songs that particularly stand out and were catchy to me are Grey Lanes and Before the Dawn. Grey Lanes had a very memorable intro and was just catchy and upbeat which is great in a song, always in my opinion. With Before the Dawn, it has a repeating phrase which stuck in my head and I enjoyed the lyrics in this song. The song is also mostly instrumental with a few soft vocals, with a lot of reverb which I loved the effect of. The songs vary in duration which is great too, some as short as a minute and a bit, others as long as eight minutes.

The only criticism is that I feel the album could be almost too consistent with the tones and instruments and it would be great to hear a climax within some songs, something to get excited for! Some people may say it’s a little ’samey’. The good side to this is that you can leave the album playing and know what you’re in for and the feeling throughout is kept the same.

I think overall Jacco Gardner’s sound is very unique and is shown well throughout this album within the instrumentation, lyrics and all the other musical choices he chose to make within the album. I personally could always recognise his vocals and the way his music sounds.

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