Kieran Leonard & The Horse – Underwood Milk review

He’s performed at festivals from Glastonbury to South By Southwest, and appeared on stage alongside the likes of Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg and Pete Doherty, so it’s fair to say that Kieran Leonard has some level of experience in the world of music. His new single Underwood Milk is set for release on June 29th, both digitally and, uh, on a beer mat (I’m not entirely sure, either, to be honest). The video for the single, which you can watch below, show Kieran wandering around the Hertfordshire house of the last Stanley Kubrick, where he’s been recording his forthcoming album, Good Luck, Everybody.

The track is one filled with strained optimism, veiled with a melancholy tone that reverberates through the thick riffs and prominent hook, “I can live with that”. A grungey side to this sound makes exemplifies the mood, and although the music doesn’t seem to do much original, it’s sure to be a hit for fans of the genre, and it’s a high quality for what it is.

Check out the video for Underwood Milk below.

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