Lacey and White Clouds And Gunfire Christmas show at Rock City, Nottingham

As it’s Christmas day, this will be a rather short post, but after seeing such an amazing show, I only thought it right to give it a good mention.

White Clouds take to the stage in a manner that communicates they’ve got more than just a set list planned; they’ve got a show. When I say they “take to the stage”, I must mention that this includes Evey (vocals) clambering onto a box so she can be seen over the first line of crowd. They’re the first band of the night to really make any effort with the crowd, which leaves them with a tough job on their hands. They give it their best efforts though, and at one point Evey shouts “we’ll get them dancing by the end!” On stage, however, it’s like a party, and beautiful layered vocals combined with chords that shake the room prove that they know how to breath life into a stone.

By the time Lacey have control of the room, it’s almost doubled in volume, and their mix of own music and Christmas tracks has the whole crowd’s attention. From a rocky cover of Last Christmas to having the crowd chanting “we all fall down, we all do nothing” of their own accord, I’m beginning to think that there’s nothing this band can’t do. After the release of their phenomenal EP, Outlaws, earlier this year, I’m not alone in looking forward to seeing what the band has planned for 2014.

Now, we’ll let you get on and enjoy Christmas, but in the next week we have a lot of interviews coming up from both of these bands, as well as Those Who Seek, Further Than Forever and In Hindsight (among others!) And so – have a very merry Christmas from Mentioned Reviews!

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