Layby – Chronic review (+ news)

Last night, Dead Press premiered the new video for Layby’s new single, Chronic. We checked the single out way back in December, but there’s been a fair bit going on in the Layby camp since then. The biggest news comes in the form of a new vocalist – upon Aaron John Bownes’ departure from the band, they’ve filled the gap with Miles Kent. Have a read of Aaron’s full statement below:

“There’s some pretty strange feelings going on with me right now. In one hand I’m saying goodbye to a band I thought would always be a part of my life, and in the other is the most amazing and perfect thing that will ever happen to me. My girlfriend and I are expecting our first child! I didn’t want to hold the guys back or spend a lot of time away from my new born child, especially so early on. So it is best for both myself and everyone involved that I leave Layby. I hope you all love the new EP. We put a lot of heart into the songs. You’ll find nothing but honesty and passion in the lyrics and songs that we wrote. I would like to thank the guys in Layby for being so awesome and inspiring. I will miss sharing a stage with you.”

The second wave of news comes with the announcement of their new EP, Life’s Great Illusions, a sophomore offering after their debut Bombsite. All songs will feature Aaron as vocalist – check out the full tracklisting below.

01.) Soundcheck
02.) Chronic
03.) Where I Stand
04.) Kicking And Screaming
05.) Losing Faith

Chronic‘s visual accompaniment is nothing short of a massive party with local pop punk bands to pair with an absolute corker of a tune. Lighter undertones last through the percussion heavy opening, before the former frontman’s vocals tear into the music. The pacey instrumental contrasts the soaring lyrics perfectly to form a true yet original pop-punk sound, with a hooking middle eight fading into a powerful ending that’ll be massively impressive at a live show. Addictive and punchy, it’s a sure and promising way to start the sophomore release.

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