Love|Less – The Lonely (Acoustic) review

For one reason or another, bands of all genres and sizes like to record acoustic covers of their own, and others’, songs. Sometimes, this is a fantastic choice and it works out wonderfully – the screaming success of This Wild Life’s cover of Sleepwalking is a perfect example of how well it can work out. On the other hand, these can often amount to nothing more than a bunch of people sat in a shoddily tidied living room whilst one plays their dad’s acoustic guitar and another sings at a low quality camera, the other members purely there to make up the numbers, waiting for their Spotify to raise enough money to record their next EP.

You’ll be glad to hear that Love|Less fall on the successful side of this line. Their acoustic version of The Lonely, a track which originally featured on their most recent EP Hollow Faith, is beautifully shot and recorded, and whilst subdued and minimalistic, it allows the focus – both visually and aurally – to rest on the music, not any flashing, over-done music video.

Every band has the “token acoustic track” – A Day To Remember have If It Means A Lot To You, Mallory Knox’s first album had 1949 – but this is the token acoustic track to trump them all. Love|Less have taken a huge, powerful song, and stripped it back to a personal, intimate song, whilst letting the feeling of solidarity still slip into the final refrains. Kudos.

The Lonely (Acoustic) is the first track to be released off their forthcoming The Acoustics EP, and was premiered with Already Heard, with further videos set for release throughout March. The London quintet traveled to Texas to record their most recent EP along with seventeen other tracks, a true testament to their hard work and dedication. It might be easy to brush this off as another band doing another acoustic cover, but I ask that you don’t do that.

You can listen to The Lonely (Acoustic) below.

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