Lyonn – Empty Bed review

Last year saw the release of Lyonn’s debut EP, Promenade, which at the time was the work of a solo artist that we highly commended. Almost a year later, they’re back – note the change in personal pronoun – with the addition of a new member. The duo have blended excellently, seamlessly, on their new single, Empty Bed, available to stream below, ahead of their upcoming EP, We’ll Light The Sky, due for release on April 7th.

There’s something distinctly relaxing in Empty Bed, vibrant backing blending with the passionate, at times strained through emotion, vocals. A melancholic edge tints the lyrics to come across as a burst of pent up feeling, with music ebbing and dying like waves to suit. Imagine a combination of Lydia’s The Exit backing music with their vocals crossed with Imagine Dragons’, and you’re hitting in the right area of the park.

“Indie musician” is such a broad term, but Lyonn are the perfect example of one with their fresh, acoustic driven sound marginally built up, that’s nothing short of a joy to listen to. Mixed between soaring instrumental and heart-on-sleeve lyricism, there’s a artist with a bucketload of promise.

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