Millie Manders – The Free P review

MILLIEMMillie has spent her life doing more than simply dabbling in the music industry – it’s probably be fairer to say she’s devoted her life to it, starting off when she was five. As she’s grown up she’s performed with a number of bands, supporting the likes of Alabama 3 and regularly playing to over 300 people, but after the most recent of these outfits disbanded in 2011, she opted to go it alone. In 2012 Millie emerged as a singer/songwriter and has since had enough impressive notches in her belt to fill a CV to burst.

Most recently, Millie’s released a four track offering, The Free-P, which aptly showcases her fantastic cross-genre songwriting. The work kicks off with Hole In Your Chest, sounding somewhat like an advert with it’s upbeat guitar intro and optimistic vibe. As soon as Millie’s vocals take hold of the track, there’s no doubt as to why she’s been driving up so much hyped online and on radio – tight lyricism accompanies ridiculously talented vocal work, and with the deadpan edge to her vocals there’s more than a hint of if-Lily-Allen-did-acoustic-work to this opening song.

Second up is Sick, an angsty, punchy, punk song with a that meets up between somewhere between a lighter version of Blur’s Song 2 and No Doubt’s Bathwater – in fact, there’s more than a splash of Gwen Stefani’s gusto in Millie’s work. These comparisons aren’t just reflective on the singer songwriter’s style, but are also an accurate marker to the quality of Millie’s work.

Think Do Wah Doo era Kate Nash and you’re hitting near where third Little Big Mouth positions itself, with a fair share of pumpkin soup. An unusual – but not unwelcome – ska edge jumps in on the song’s opening, with staccato instrumental throughout keeping the track on its toes. Easily the angriest and catchiest off the record, Mr Stupid winds things up with the lyrics pretty clearly saying the Millie isn’t going to be put in a box – it’s addictive, fun, and a stand out of the EP.

A lot of people have been discussing Millie as one to watch this year, and the promise held mty this music is strong – this girl’s really got something going for her, be sure to see her everywhere in the not too distant future.

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