Nine Volt Heart interview

NVHDescribing themselves as “aggressive pop/theatrical punk”, the quartet hailing from Yorkshire caught up with us for a chat about their current release and how being in a band mixes with sixth form.

First of all, can you tell me a little about yourselves and the new record, The Miracle Kids?
We’re a young rock band from West Yorkshire in England. The new record is a sort of semi-concept album, and we’re really happy to finally have it finished and out. It took two years to write and produce, and get to a stage where we were happy with it but we’re really proud of it.

What’s the response been like online and at gigs?
The response has been awesome! I just checked and we’ve had over 2000 plays on it on just our bandcamp page which is absolutely insane. The album release show went really well, we couldn’t have asked for a better night with nicer people. We tried to make it more like a party than a gig and it worked really well, and the response to the record that night specifically was brilliant.

Who and what influenced the record musically and lyrically?
Musically there are absolutely loads of influences on the record. My Chemical Romance, Twin Atlantic, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro are a few, but then stuff like Muse, Iron Maiden and Black Flag were in there too. We just threw all our influences in a pot really haha! Lyrics came a lot from story ideas I had. I had a lot of these little ideas all set in this world where modern life had come and gone – I used the idea of a nuclear war to make that post-apocalyptic type world happen and make sense of it, and that’s what KissKissKiss is about. There’s love stories like Afterglow, angry commentaries like The Poison Race and runaway songs like The 45_slow on there but they’re all set in this post-apocalyptic context which sets the stories apart and makes it clear I think.

How do you feel you’ve changed and grown as a band since the days you were playing covers and had just released tracks like Scandalous and Shock?
I think we’ve just really matured in our songwriting and as people, there’s clearer visions with what we want to make. We have a slightly different line up now than when we did those songs (I have no idea how you found Shock, I didn’t realise that was still online haha!) so there’s definitely going to be some differences, but I think we could still write a song like Scandalous and be happy with it, like that’s still one of our absolute favourites to play live. Scandalous is kind of our staple at gigs, and it’s definitely the song that made people start to dig us and we still love it to bits.

What’s the music scene like in Yorkshire – has location ever been much of a problem regards getting gigs?
The scene in Bradford (where we’re from) specifically is growing kinda slowly, it’s getting there though, there’s some really cool venues here. In Leeds, which is next door, it’s absolutely awesome! There’s stuff on all the time and there’s loads of venues that small bands and big bands can play and it’s just a really nice place for music. We’ve never had a problem finding shows because of where we are based, and I think we’re really lucky for that.

Although I’m sure you wish you could spend all your time writing, recording and gigging, it can’t be like that most of the time, so how do you fit it in around, well, life?
We’re all in high school/sixth form (two of us have just finished sixth form), so it’s been tricky up to now balancing school and the band so we’ve not been overly active – especially while we’ve been finishing off the album, but I think now that summer is coming around we’re going to be able to focus on it a lot more and really push ourselves. We all really enjoy it, though, especially playing live and the band is a really important thing to all of us, so we always find a way to include it in the balance of things.

And lastly, where can you next be seen live, and what’re your plans for the rest of the year?
We’ve been accepted into the Futuresound Competition 2014, the winners of which can get slots on Reading & Leeds festival stages! There’s heats for the competition, and we’re in Heat 4 at The Wardrobe in Leeds on the 4th of July. Tickets are £4.00 and available from the link below:

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!
Thank you so much for interviewing us

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