NISHI – Droog Addict review

nishiWords: Kelly Ronaldson

Droog Addict is the new EP released by Birmingham’s grunge quintet NISHI.

The five track record opens with F.I.N.E, a rock and roll toe-tapper that manages to blend the vocal styles of Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain with 70’s southern rock band Stillwater. Its cynical lyrics make for an easily relatable song, and its grungy riffs are sure to make F.I.N.E a memorable track.

Up next comes Grey Painted World, and there’s no doubt of a goth-rock vocal sound here. Think Coheed And Cambria meets Marilyn Manson – an odd combination, but it works. With fast drum beats and Slash-esque riffs, this record is already proving to be something different.

The third track on the record, Know It All, is definitely a must-hear. As the vocals stick with the goth-grunge theme again (we’re not complaining), the music takes a more melodic route. Almost comparable to a number of 70s metal ballads, Know It All blends that sound with something easily reminiscent of Boston’s More Than A Feeling.

Next comes the heavier, grungier Walking On Grass. A personal favourite, the vocals here seem to match that of Peroxwhy?gen frontman (and pro-wrestler) Jeff Hardy, right up until about a third of the way through the track, during which the drum beats become much faster and vocalist West Addams switches to metal-esque screaming.

Finally, our closer is Cotton Mouth. Fitting the vocal theme of the rest of the record, this track combines the Kurt-meets-Stillwater sounds we heard in F.I.N.E with the Manson-esque goth rock sounds of  Grey Painted World. This whole record is a toe-tapping rock and roll fest that manages to throw in a hint of every single rock genre ever created.

Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly – that’s how NISHI describe their sound, and frankly, I’d say they were pretty spot on. Good work boys.

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