On The Open Road – Storyteller review

STORYTELLEROTORPop punk has always been quite an ‘Americanized’ genre (the ‘z’ not intended there). So despite all UK bands efforts, they’ll always get compared the obvious US bands that got popular in the 2000s. To be fair, when a sound has already been established in a genre, it’s difficult to stray away from the original sounds, which explains why Neck Deep sound the way they do. But right from the start you don’t get an instant Neck Deep comparison, more of an A Day To Remember or Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! sound, but, hey, at least that’s a French band comparison.

The opener Chump doesn’t really set the tone for the EP though, the more post-hardcore influence doesn’t appear on EP throughout, which I do say is a good thing because the pop punk anthems are much more enjoyable. There’s some kind of local spirit that comes through on these tracks, like on the track Smooth Sailing Is A Fool’s Thought, which to me is a good replacement for the general whiny-ish vocals you can tend to get in pop punk.

One thing I wanted throughout the EP was a switch up in sound and more melody introduced in the tracks, which is what I thought was happening with the track Bedrock, the intro has a nice 90s indie rock sound which had potential for a great song but it switches into the sound that the band is good at. But the song itself is good, similar to Growing Pains by Neck Deep (oh no, I made the obvious Neck Deep comparison), which I’d still say is ND’s best song. It’s slightly smoother sounding than the rest of the EP, well, especially in contrast to the closing track which to me just sounded messy.

I sort of hope they don’t continue with that style in the future, because Rainy Days gives them potential to make some great pop punk music in the future. This is also shown in the quite cleverly titled Regret Me Not, which has a riff that could only make you want to instantly jump up and down at a gig. So this EP demonstrates potential for the band, potential to not sound like their peers and make more use of the vocals and different instrumental styles within their music. Then I’d say this band could easily make some even better music in the future.

You can watch the video for Rainy Days below.

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