Scarlette interview

Last week we reviewed London pop artist Scarlette’s new single, and we took the opportunity to have a catch up chat with her about her Cinderella story.

Hi Scarlette, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us.
First of all, can you describe your music for those who aren’t familiar with your work?
My music is a collection of songs that are my “long journey” diaries to where I’m today. I am a pop artist, but I wanted to make my sound futuristic also and we added dubstep and edm vibes to the tracks that are basically rock/pop tracks. I was listening to loads of Skrillex at the time and he is a huge inspiration to me. You can feel his passion and fire in his records and I am the same. The music has to come from deep inside you can’t hide any bit of yourself.

Tell us about your modern day “Cinderella story”.
It’s about a young me..born in a small village pressured by the society to live like a slave and not speak your mind up and suppress your emotions.I had so much life in me and I knew I was different. I went to school dressing up like Madonna..I did anything to get attention. I had big dreams of stardom since I was 4 and I was “Alice in the Wonderland” type girl. I lived in my own world surrounded by MTV channel and I was performing to my dolls and wrote them autographs. I would lock myself into my room, dance, sing and pretend to be far away and drown myself into music, pretending I’m a famous movie star in Hollywood. My sisters were different, older than me.. I couldn’t talk about these things and what I wanted from life so when I grew older I said I am going to London to make a career in music. I was told “You can never be like Madonna..look at you, you have no money and you should settle down and forget that crazy stuff about singing.” I wanted to escape from everyone, so one day I saved up £100, bought a second hand bag.. took my coolest clothes and early in one winter morning.. I just took a flight to London. I was feeling scared landing when I had nowhere to go and had never been in a big city. But as I arrived to Euston Road I was just free. I started looking for auditions from “Stage” and found a bed and breakfast for a couple of nights. I didn’t care about anything but music and I found producers who recorded my first demos from internet ads.. Soon I was told my dad had a cancer and I took care of him and flew to Finland but he was too weak to survive. Later I met a guy I fell in love with and it was true love. I was so happy until he suddenly left from London and I was numb again. I wrote these new songs.. and “Alpha Female” was born! I was tired of struggling, being pushed around by people who saw my talent but didn’t offer anything good. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wrote these songs because nobody saw me and I was so fed up with my life. I wanted a change..that’s when I flew to LA for months to promote my music and one of the songs got nominated for “Best Dance” in Hollywood music & media awards last year.

What eventually pushed you to take the risk to move to London and pursue your dream?
I think I explained this.. the feeling like living dead!

Talk us through what’s influenced your single Wasting My Love, musically and lyrically:
Musically I wanted to make a cool futuristic dance track for the EP that is not a usual pop record. But when I worked on the chorus I was consumed by this disgusting feeling of losing my love so the chorus came out like sick. It just hit me that I was so good for him, he made me feel this way and I knew it was over!

Your EP, Alpha Female, is very powerful; talk us through the themes and influences in it.
Being misunderstood, working so d*mn hard and not getting noticed. I wanted people to know me through my songs! I wrote about all the things that frustrated me back then.

And, finally, what does 2015 look to hold for you?
We are working on my new album out in 2015, I am writing songs currently and we’re planning my live tour.. I can’t wait to perform live next year!!! 🙂

Thank you, and all the best with the new single!
Thank you loads!!

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