The Effect – Baptism review

Last summer we checked out The Effect’s third EP, Running With The Wolves, not shy to praise their ability to hone in on their own sound through a manner of directions, and their new offering is just as exciting. For this latest supplement of their work – the first of several singles to be release through the year, amounting to their debut album in late 2015 – they’ve a bit of a first; Baptism sees the band on their first collaboration, with Rebecca Need-Menear, frontwoman of Anavae.

The Swansea quartet have made quite a name for themselves with their captivating mix of alternative pop and experimental rock running through the music. Despite the light and snatching riffs that commence the track, Baptism sees the band step a way down the darker route lyrically. For a first shot at a collaboration, they’ve done a bloody fantastic job, Rebecca’s vocals complimenting Taylor’s powerfully.

The track still boasts the catchy hooks of the band’s pop influences, but there’s something chilling in the track – more than simply in the video which appears to have been shot in a freezer, or similar. Light plays over the band and their cold air breath, the semi darkness aptly suiting the music. If any band deserves to make 2015 their year, it’s The Effect.

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