The Effect – Love, Hate And All That’s In Between review

Later this year, The Effect are set to release their debut album. We’ve previously been huge supporters of their work, with their third EP Running With The Wolves, released last year, being graced with a fair bit of praise. It would seem the band are set to keep their standards high with new offering Love, Hate And All That’s In Between living up to the reputation they’ve built themselves, and as the lead single of their forthcoming full length, I’ve high hopes for the end product.

Influences from radio rock are prominent, and it wouldn’t be a far comparison to match them up as a lighter version of Mallory Knox with the undertones of Twin Atlantic. Though they don’t have the complexity of these bands, the catchy hooks are bound to be a hit with fans and new listeners, and even at the most defeated points (“no good will come from this”), there’s a strain of optimism. Oh, and the video will be sure to send your mind spiralling.

Watch the video for Love, Hate And All That’s Inbetween below.

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