They Might Be Giants – Aaa review

In 1983, Dial-a-Song was created from John Flansburgh’s Brooklyn kitchen via a consumer answering machine. Now, with a little help from modern technology, They Might Be Giant have reinvented the concept by posting a track a week across the internet. The 21st week of this campaign sees them with new single Aaa, a part of their new album, Glean, which was dropped via Lojinx records on April 20th.

The new single, which you can check out below, does a mix of proposing some rather intriguing questions with a sharp, accomplished sound. Accompanied with a video that’s mostly Blair Witch Project style footage, it’s fair to say that the track’s a bit weird – but is that ever anything to complain about? Like Bowling For Soup meets Slaves, they’ve given a fresh blast of bizarre alternative rock.

You can check out the video for Aaa below.

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