Those Two and Further Than Forever at The Vic, Derby

It somehow feels a little strange walking into a dark room at the back of a bar, and not being greeting by a heavy band on the stage. Somehow, though, Those Two seem to fit right in to the environment, and although acoustic music may ideally be for outdoor summer festivals, they make the most of the space they have. The pair have only been around for a few months and, combined with the fact that this is the first gig after Will’s (Parkin, guitar) shoulder operation, I’m incredibly impressed.

I am usually very critical of sets that are predominantly covers, but I think I’m willing to let this one slide, purely due to how phenomenal the set was. The songs ranged from Radiohead’s Creep and Of Monsters and Men’s Little Talks to tracks less frequently associated with acoustic covers, such as Green Day’s Holiday. Each number in the set was performed with as much confidence and accuracy as though they had been performing together for years. I sincerely hope they have big plans for next year, and hopefully along the lines of studio releases of their own work.

Headliners for the night were Further Than Forever, who had previously put on a mind blowing show at the same venue only a few weeks ago for their album launch; this considered, I was expecting big things. If I’m honest, I think the band would agree that they weren’t on their best form this time – one member was hungover, and the others were tired beyond belief. Although they really seemed to be getting into the rock and roll lifestyle, it was clear they weren’t quite with it.

Even if the band were a little flawed in their health at the time of the set it didn’t stop them from making the most of a bad hand, and the trio absolutely stormed the venue, bringing the crowd to life like no other small band could. They manage to master not only their own music, but consistently excel with covers as well. For this gig it appeared the theme of Green Day was strong, with the headliners performing a cover of Boulevard of Broken Dreams towards the end of the set that had the whole room singing along. If they can perform to that level when they’re not on top form, it’s no wonder their album is doing so well.

Those Two

Further Than Forever
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