Those Who Seek: Because Really, We’re Just Animals

coverOut of Manchester bursts the up-and-coming heavy pop punk band Those Who Seek with their long awaited debut EP, Because Really, We’re Just Animals. After hearing their first released track (plus music video) Run From Me back in June, I had high expectations for the rest of their music. Prior to the EP’s release, the band promised it would be “full of variated genres”, which pretty much hits the nail on the head. Has is been worth the wait? Definitely!

Many bands fall into the trap of including breakdowns in their music simply because it suits the genre they’re aiming for, or even worse, because they realised after performing the tracks live that they need a pause for breath. Either way, it means the breakdowns are tacky and badly done. It’s becoming harder to find bands that can actually pull them off well, but thankfully, I think I’ve found one. In their first track, Look To The Skies, Those Who Seek include a breakdown which is positively beautiful, and could probably put a few bigger bands to shame – seriously. If that’s not enough to keep you listening, I don’t know what is.

When I first watched the video for Run From Me, there was a comment saying that Matt (Clarke, vocals) was trying too hard to sound like Josh Franceschi (You Me At Six). The more I listen to the track, the more I can hear where Josh’s influence has rubbed off on the vocals, but I can’t see how it could be classed as a bad thing. The track’s memorable chorus and passionate vocals make the perfect formula for a radio-ready single and fan favourite. Warning: it will get stuck in your head.

Sex Won’t Fill Your Heart and Veritas Occulta struck me as being mostly influenced by older Deaf Havana tracks (post- and with Ryan Mellor respectively), based on the mixed vocals. More so than the other tracks, the final two show off the band’s ability, and live up to the claim of “variated genres”.

Overall, I’ve only one complaint – there’s too much variety (is that possible?!). This band have so much talent, but it can’t all have justice done to it in a four-track-EP. Shame about that, really, as there’s some phenomenal instances that feel like they could be… overlooked when there’s so much going on at once. I’m sure this is nothing that couldn’t be fixed with an album though… I’m not hinting at anything! Personally though, to say this is their debut work, I’m more than impressed. It’s overwhelming.

Rating – 4/5
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