Top 10 live shows of the year

This year we’ve had the pleasure of covering a range of festivals in Nottingham this year, and it’d be hard to choose a favourite of those. From the masses of live acts we’ve seen (exactly 100!), there are some real standout shows. In the last of our three Top 10 posts, we’ve listed the best shows of 2014. Let us know yours on our social media!

1. New Town Kings at The Maze

New Town Kings didn’t go out to promote their music, they went out to show the crowd a good time and have one themselves, and their accessible and welcoming show proved to be a brilliant night, and not exclusively for those who were fans previously.

2. Alabama 3 at Rescue Rooms

Take this from a voice in the “younger” generation; if you think Alabama 3 are too old, too out of date, too last decade for you, you couldn’t be more wrong, and nothing like a live show will prove that to you.

3. ROAM at Red Rooms

They understand the need for a memorable live show to spread their name, and that’s exactly what they deliver…Like a kangaroo on crack, the band bounded into every track with a reckless and ridiculous craze that the crowd mimicked soon enough…No studio version could do justice to seeing these guys live.

4. Big Sixes at Bodega

Imagine a Big Sixes live show as a Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate bar; perfectly executed throughout, sublime for the majority and with little surprises that shock you and change the game a little bit, still leaving a lingering aftertaste of happiness. In other words, Big Sixes will impress you in ways you didn’t realise you wanted to be impressed.

5. Adam Zareba at Load of Meat Fest

As aforementioned, a set of covers only really works if the artist adds something to the show; the solo show from Adam Zareba proved to be the perfect example of this. Selling his own work with only charisma and an implication of phenomenal competence, his crowd charming attitude and adaptable attitude made his set irresistible.

6. Brand New at Hit The Deck Festival

It was – and although this is perhaps not the best word to describe a gig, albeit the only accurate one here – beautiful.

7. Marmozets at Bodega

As fantastic as the response to the penultimate track was, it became overshadowed by the closing song of the night. A member of the band’s crew comes on stage, and within a minute the drum kit is in the audience along with the rest of the band, bar a guitarist who towers above, stood on ten foot speakers. Without that, the show was incredible, but with such a terrific close, it makes it the best live show I’ve ever been to.

8. Wounds at Hit The Deck Festival

What I found most striking was their damn straight-fowardness, as the frontman said at one point, “stop singing songs in an American fucking accent, you are from London”. Despite what came across as a general anger for the world, after a run-in after the set it’s he’s clearly one of the most down-to-earth lead vocalists around at the minute.

9. Canterbury at Bodega

It’s indisputable that Canterbury are nothing short of cold, hard, talent.

10. Well Hung Heart at Rescue Rooms

From soulful blues to rockier tunes, this band are capable are putting on an incredible show to put many bigger bands to shame, and the confidence they take to the stage with undoubtedly puts the audience in the mood for the zealous and fiery performance that awaits. Recorded versions do no justice – these guys are a must see live show.

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