Top 10 releases of 2014

Here’s the second of our three Top 10 lists, after yesterdays songs. This would simply be an albums list, but certain EPs were just too good to keep out the top 10. Let us know your Top 10 on our social media!

1. james – La Petite Mort

There’s simply no other way of putting it, this album is my new favourite of the year…this album strikes the perfect combination of soft, candid and alive and james have created a record which is mostly definitely worth the six years wait, accessible yet passionate.

2. Faded Paper Figures – Relics

This isn’t a debut record trying to brag about style and play it safe, this an exciting, perpetually changing and sophisticated album that tackles almost existential questions through the accessible medium of electro-pop music.

3. A Mouth Full Of Matches – Smoke Signals (EP)

The band wanted to create an EP that stood out, and they’ve achieved that brilliantly. Expect big things from this band – absolutely remarkable.

4. Larkin Poe – Kin

It’s not hard to see why this album is one of my personal favourites from this year; they state themselves that people have a hard time classifying their music – perhaps what makes this duo so refreshing, with their mixed influences and captivating sound.

5. Antonio Paul – Modern Daze (EP)

In short, this EP is like Calvin Harris, Pharrell and Vampire Weekend remixed something off Great Divide and got Two Door Cinema Club to do the vocals – wonderful, fun, vibrant. As Britain’s summer closes, it’s clear Australia’s has only just begun!

6. Koria Kitten Riot – Rich Men Poor Men Good Men

In effect, this is two albums in one. The manner in which the instrumental and lyrics create contrasting moods is hypnotising, merging together to create an album somewhere between Brand New and The Vaccines.

7. Rob Lynch – All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul

It’s an album that deserves attention, and as the strongest solo debut I’ve heard all year, it’s one that also demands being stuck on repeat. The variety and polar opposites of tone in the tracks makes it a good all-rounder, with such a unique voice, it easily becomes an earworm. I find myself unable to speak highly enough of the sheer talent of Rob’s lyricism; watch this space.

8. Warner Drive – City of Angels

From overpowering riffs to tight lyrics you can only respect, this is an album of true rock, whilst remaining accessible. A confident and impressive second album.

9. Ghouls – Ten Thousand Words On

I have waited for a long time for an album from an up-and-coming band that I couldn’t choose a favourite track off of.

10. Joyce Manor – Never Hungover Again

Concentrated energy and emotion swell the tracks to their musical limits; contrasts of simplistic and loud tracks flow to create an album that sound not be broken down, but taken as a whole.

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