Top 10 songs of 2014

The end of the year is almost upon us! So, we thought we’d milk it properly, and make three posts detailing our favourite works of the past twelve months, beginning with our favourite songs. Now, very few of these are singles, and less had their own review as a single. The appropriate links will take you to the appropriate places…

1. Alvvays – Party Police
(taken from their self-titled album)

This holds more attention to the lyrics, even those more grim; “when everyday’s a hurricane / you know there’s something wrong”. The high and melodic chorus overpowers the instrumental, and as it becomes the focus of the track the music gives way to create a mood of oppressive loneliness, before the instrumental picks up again to finish the track.

2. Empire! Empire! I Was A Lonely Estate – Ribbon
(take from their album, You Will Eventually Be Forgotten)

Honesty doesn’t only come in the form of cruelty though, and closing line, “scrapes and a bruises only made you more beautiful”, is so sincere with the compassion it holds, it’s impossible to not remain hooked on the vibrant plots of each piece of art.

3. Kishi Bashi – Q&A
(taken from his album, Lightght)

Combining Japanese with English lyrics (beautifully written in both languages, I might add), the love song holds more sincerity than the previous tracks, with vocal support provided by Keiko Ishibashi, credited in the quaint handbook that accompanies the physical CD.

4. Generationals – Would You Want Me
(taken from their album, Alix)

…with the brilliant lyricism you’d expect in from a DIY track and the synth-pop backing to bring the mood up. The catchy hooks that fade out till the last second and serve as the final sound of the album remind you what a brilliant one it is.

5. Acollective – Happiest of All Memorial Days
(taken from their album, Pangea)

When it comes to moods, of course, single Happiest of All Memorial Days holds a strong one – despite the feeling of almost overpowering darkness, there is a definite sound of hope and contentment that perseveres throughout.

6. Beans on Toast – The War on War
(taken from his album, The Grand Scheme of Things)

Tighter rhymes and craftier lyricism leave you more in awe of how he fits his opinions to a tune than simply giving you some views mixed with chords, and while this signals a development to a more mature sound, there’s all the passion and fun from his first work. They’re the sort of lyrics you’d want written on a sign at a protest.

7. Versus You – Skinny and Distracted
(taken from their album, Moving On)

 A perfect example of the factual representation of harsh emotions that occur throughout, missing out on being a cry for attention.

8. Alvin Stardust – Tongue Tied
(taken from his posthumous album, Alvin)

This significantly more personal song displays a romanticism that takes a strong grip on the record, with the distinct vocals bringing it into its own.

9. Milestones –More To Me

Milestones have struck the fine balance between vibrant and colourful pop-punk in the tracks intricate moments, and gravitational passion in its intimate ones, with a sheen to the sound that’s unparalleled with any new act.

10. EnterTheLexicon – Full Moon (taken from their self-titled EP)

The track’s opening is fit to burst, control over the available power excellently maintained as the minute long build up to the addictive chorus stays withheld. Mykl Barton’s vocals keep a low-key, minimalist vibe to the track, edging on gravelly whilst keeping a foot in fluidity, later switching to accompany the belter of the chorus with fiery passion.

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