Those Who Seek and On The Open Road return to The Vic

To see a band with as much talent as Those Who Seek twice in a year is pretty great, but the fact that the two shows were far from identical highlights that this is something they enjoy being creative about. In an interview a few hours beforehand, the whole band had agreed that they very much prefer the new music they are creating, which probably explains why this is even more incredible love. A main criticism I had of their debut EP was that it felt slightly eclectic, however in this set they play several of their upcoming releases and they’re definitely closer to perfecting their style and showcasing what they have to their advantage. When the new EP drops, I don’t doubt it’s going to be huge.

Regards their older music, there seems to be special focus of their first single, Run From Me, probably because there’s been a few changes since the original was recorded. It’s been adapted to suit Matt’s (Clarke) vocals; that said, it suits the band a lot better, too. The first half of the song is a lot softer and the focus is most definitely on the lyrics. Despite the changes, it’s obvious Matt’s voice begins to struggle towards the end. However, this version of the track is, in my opinion, considerably better than the original.

When I saw them earlier in the year, the whole band were pretty exceptional when it came to working the crowd; this show is no different. Despite a minor technical difficulty regarding the drum kit, the evening was pretty smooth and with Matt encouraging the crowd to sing along in Run From Me (“come on, Derby, it’s three words!”) and getting right into the crowd, it’s clear there’s been no change on that front.

Another band playing the same night was On The Open Road, who I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing multiple times this year. As with Those Who Seek, it never feels like you see the same set twice. For this show, they throw in a performance of their own Christmas song which is – as all of the set is – executed excellently. In the same evening I got to complete interviews with both of these bands, which will be posted as part of the countdown to New Year. Happy Holidays!

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