Why Everyone Left – Pack Your Shit review

At the start of last year, Italian pop-punkers Why Everyone Left released their debut EP Stake Everything, which saw them solid success across the country and the chance to play alongside the likes of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Bury Tomorrow and As It Is. The five-piece recently released their newest single Pack Your Shit, which you can check out the video for below, a sub-four minute hardcore-infused belter that spells out anger for fake promises and disappointments.

Maybe it isn’t such a populated genre in mainland Europe, but when it comes to the UK’s pop-punk scene there are a lot of similar acts out there. Though they offer a bit of a twist in terms of the hardcore edge, Pack Your Shit is rather your run of the mill, hook-filled, pumped-up, criticising-something-but-covering-it-with-a-cheery-tone, pop punk track. If you’re a fan of the genre and want to absorb yourself into it more, this is what you need to hear, and it’s excellent at what it does – it’s just not too original. Oh, and the real life Pacman video feels nabbed from forthcoming movie Pixels, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

Watch the video for Pack Your Shit below.

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