A Mouth Full Of Matches – Demon Days review

Last September, we checked out the most recent EP from Manucian quintet A Mouth Full Of Matches, Smoke Signals. We were so impressed by the band’s offering that it got plonked in at number three in our top ten releases of the year, so we’re more than pleased to hear the band are already back and working on the release of their upcoming third EP. In five days time at 10.30 am, Demon Days, the band’s newest single, will be released and made available for free download on their SoundCloud page.

Over the weekend a half a minute teaser for the video was released on their Facebook, showcasing the mysterious drink, trippy lighting and Rorschach ink blots that pop up the full offering. Although conceptualised by the band, the video was directed and and edited by Lewis Carter (Nothing But Thieves, Kodaline, DEAD!).

Demon Days explores a very vocally lead sound, ideal for both radio play and an enthusiastic live show, with riffs constantly flavouring the music. This combines for a catchy, addictive sound akin to a that of Mallory Knox, just as heavy with meaning, and with the same level of developed style; basically, they’ve hit the nail on the head and made a single that’s a real smash and straight up brilliant.

With a new drummer among them, a new EP awaiting release, and a year of shows ahead of them, A Mouth Full Are Matches are set to claim 2015 as their own.

Demon Days is set for release of April 25th at 10.30 am.

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