A World Defined – In Absence review

1551708_10152596046042627_97885808_nFor the first ten or fifteen seconds of the album, I was slightly worried I was under false impressions and was in to review a dupstep/dance album – then the guitar and drums kick in and the smooth intro breaks you full force into the opening track, June. The fluidity of the start of the album sets the bar high for the rest of the album, with a natural flow to the tracks that feels mastered. The second track breaks in with the same flow although the chorus feels a little rough in places, and the band know to how raise and change vocals to prevent the lines from sounding too repetitive.  Featuring an incredibly dramatic breakdown and attention grabbing drumming, this track locks together and doesn’t disappoint.

The Void, third track of the album, sounds dangerously like it might break into some of the clichés repeatedly heard from smaller bands after the first few seconds – fortunately they’re saved from this by controlling the force into the track, going for effect rather than the all-too-common over-enthusiastic give-it-everything attitude. Liam’s (Reeves, vocals) intonation and pitch perfectly matches the control of the record, and, again, there is a natural rise and fall that’s executed excellently. Fourth track, Gild The Lily, has a slower, more acoustic intro and the increased focus on the vocal work highlights the talented song writing – it also makes underlines that any aspect of the band is a work of art in its own right, as the instruments variously compliment the track.

Penultimate track Brothers pulls the pace back up again, and this is where all the energy is really released. The outro slows the pace of the album down again, and although it does seem to slightly drag on, can you blame them – with a record this good, who wouldn’t drag it out? Anyone who reads many posts on here will know how highly I praise Lacey and Josh Kemp, from Nottingham, regarding small bands – well, I think I’ve found a band from Derby who I’d highly recommend.

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