A World Defined interview at Macmillan Fest

We tried (and failed) to do the usual Just A Minute game with A World Defined, so settled for some more, uh, standard questions instead…

You guys are splitting up soon-ish – what’s been your highlights of being together?
Anytime when Liam wasn’t a vocalist.
I’m gonna say Hit The Deck… I know we were on first, but it was packed out.
I liked being in Rocksound, and Kerrang! and stuff. It’s something to say for years, it never leaves you, it sticks with you for life.
Yeah, it’s a real achievement isn’t it.
The EP. Let’s just say the EP.
Going to new towns in the UK and getting drunk.

What’s been the worst moment?
Liam’s top knot.
Meeting all these.
I could talk for a minute on Liam’s top knot.
You might have to cut a lot of words out…
I put up a status about it, just to test the water, before I got the top knot. I got so much abuse, I’ve never got that much abuse.
It’s basically the reason we’re splitting. We were meant to stay together, and we were going to go and support Metallica, but he wanted a top knot.
I think the truth is though, if you’ve got a top knot, you’re cooler. It’s just the way it is.
I’ve got a free beer because you’ve got that top knot. I have a bet about three weeks ago that you’d be the next person to do it, and he is, so.
You won.
I won, yeah. It does look ridiculous though.
I literally, literally do not give two flying f*cks. We good? Cools. I look rad, you look sh*t. Nah, I’m joking.
It looks alright to be fair.
I think the down points, to be fair, are the points where as a band you start arguing and stuff, it’s not always a down point, it’s part of a journey.
Extreme goods and extreme bads.
I don’t think there’s ever been a really bad thing. Apart from earlier when you left all the equipment and didn’t tell me. I had to walk ten minutes with all the gear. That was pretty bad.
You get over those thing, because we spoke about that.
You put us in front of a camera and we’re so nervous, we never know when to speak. Because we’re just having a chat we’re more relaxed.
We’re queued up with our hands behind our backs, trying to point at each other.

I previously saw you supporting Marmozets. How was that, did you get to have a chat with them?
I had a chat with the bassist.
We supported them before, once in Nottingham and once in Leeds, a few years ago, before they were on the radar really.
I think they were 14.
What they say, when they’re on stage talking about how much they appreciate where they are, they genuinely do. Like, when you speak to them, they’re really like, they really deserve it.
They’re a really well dressed band as well.
They’re really nice guys.
Definitely Topman.
They’re just, they’re nice, they’re very switched on. They actually speak to you and remember you and stuff like that.
I’ve got them on my iPhone as well.
I actually quite like them. They actually are quite good.

Any way you’d like to end the interview?
Cutting the top knot off.
It wouldn’t work on audio.
Just by saying… thanks.
Thank you. Buy our EP. We need more money.
If we sell a hundred more EPs in the next week, I’ll stay.
I genuinely won’t, because I’m going to become a druggie.
You look like one.

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