Acollective – Happiest of All Memorial Days video

The phrase “hauntingly beautiful” is one very commonly used and one I’ve never really found a time to use, but this music video provides to be nothing but. The new single, taken from Acollective’s current album, Pangaea, released today on Alcopop! Records, features more than just a melancholic and sincere melody, but lyrics and meaning that swarm you with emotion. From the simplistic piano that opens the track to the desperately infectious chorus, “if you’re still alone, I’d like to come back home”, the single oozes grim longing and a subdued passion.

The music video features original work from the film Never Drive A Car When You’re Dead by Gregor Dashuber (edited by Samuel Weikopf), with noir animation combining with the music to compel more than just one view.

The video that racked up almost 19K views in under a month can be watched below, and is a must-listen for fans of Brand New.

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