Adelphia at Bodega, Nottingham review

Last weekend saw Nottingham alt rockers Adelphia head out on their first UK tour, rotating headline with Breathe in Silence, dirt and Pavilions. On Friday the tour stopped at Nottingham’s Bodega with a near full room, and after an impressive line up (although due to circumstances Pavilions were replaced by Vanity Box), Adelphia took to the stage in support of their current single, If I Fall. Special commendation should go to newly formed dirt, who had previously only played a handful of shows yet received a general consensus of brilliance from the crowd.

By the time it came to Adelphia’s headline, frontman Nicholas Crampton had no trouble enthusing the crowd, opening with their new single and a light display to blind. A raspier edge to the vocals added power to the show to make their set’s commencement a real corker, followed with a cover that had everyone singing along. A happy buzz took over the crowd thanks to this successful 1-2 show opening, the percussion dominated sound letting up just enough for Jordan Wood’s guitar to make its mark.

In our interview (online later this week) with the three remaining members of the band (Matt Gascoyne – rhythm guitar – and Zach Shannon – bass – of Eva Plays Dead served as session musicians for the tour), they humbly stated they’d rarely scarcely played outside of Nottingham prior to the weekender; if they hadn’t said as much they’d have fooled me. Confident and comfortable performing live, it’s easy to see why they were picked for Download’s Red Bull stage last year.

Slowing the pace of the night down a little, acoustic number Only Time Will Tell eased up with the show’s volume whilst keeping the crowd attentive before ditching the acoustic guitar and plunging back into the riffs. As comfortable with older work as with their current and forthcoming offerings, if it was down to confidence and enthusiasm alone they’d be on everyone’s “top unsigned artists” lists; in fact, with the standard they’re working at, it’s becoming more and more difficult to understand why they’re not.

Set closer Do Your Worst saw Nicholas climbing over speakers before the band granted the eager crowd an encore of Better Off, accompanied with an anecdote as to its creation. Easily one of the best rock acts coming from Nottingham at the minute, their single and first tour have made a promising start of 2015 for Adelphia – they’re certainly one to watch for this year.

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