Adelphia interview at Macmillan Fest

Whilst we were at Macmillan Festival, we got chance to have a chat to Adelphia – it didn’t go exactly go to plan, but they can’t always! Check it out below.

We’re going to do a version of Just A Minute, where each of you has to talk about a topic for a minute without deviation, repetition or hesitation. If you do any of those three, the other person gains control. Nic, you’re talking about the band, Rik, you’re talking about Macmillan Fest. Let’s start.
N: So, we are Adelphia and there are four members in this band but there is Matt Gascoyne who is the step in for a guitarist. Today I asked Joe if my hands smell like lemon because I’ve been ill recently and I’ve been drinking lemon and honey tea and he said yes-
R: You said lemon twice.
N: Yeah, but I’m allowed to say-
R: (hits table) Macmillan Fest is a great festival, it is a day to raise money for cancer research and I think… is there something else as well?
N: That’s hesitation! The band is nice and is a regular band. I said band twice!
R: There’s a lot of bands playing Macmillan Festival, some of my favourite bands that are playing are The Inside Is Live, Anavae, Violet, A World Defined…
N: That is hesitation! The band is Adelphia, we are that and…
R: Hesitation! We’re in Nottingham for Macmillan Festival, it’s been put on by Kris Davis mainly, I don’t know everyone that’s helped put on the festival and been hired to help out at the festival-
N: Ahh! You said festival! Right, so Adelphia means Greek in brotherhood. No! Adelphia means brotherhood in Greek, and we are like brothers in this band, and that’s why we called… Adelphia is good, and we all play music rock music…
R: Macmillan Festival is a great day, it happens of the sixth of September, I think every year, I’m not sure.
N: That’s a lie, Macmillan Festival isn’t always on the sixth of September!
R: I think we’ve run out of things to say.
Any way you’d like to close the… interview?
N: I’m Rik.
R: I’m Nic.
N: Did I just say I’m Rik?
R: Yeah.
N: We’re gonna go now.

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