Amaryllis interview

Revolt EPHey guys!

You’ve recently released your second EP, The Revolt. We love it at Mentioned, so what’s the response been like in general?

The response has been really great! We’ve been waiting for this record to be released for 5 months and it’s finally amazing for people to hear what we’ve been living and experiencing for the past year! Very humbling to see how many people have picked up a copy and sent us their support!

How do you think you’ve grown as a band since your debut EP released last year?
We’ve grown up a lot since ‘Amaryllis’ came out in January 2013. We had only played one show outside of our hometown when that came out (and that was an empty show in Birmingham apart from a scary 40 year old woman who stalked us on twitter!) Since then we’ve toured together, gone through a lot together, good & bad. It’s made us a stronger, closer group!

Who influences your work musically?
It varies for each of us and although we’re VERY influenced by the music we grew up to and what our parents played to us as kids but I think when it comes to our writing we just try to write stuff we enjoy together that we wouldn’t normally listen to without the others. It’s a collection of personalities.

And lyrically – do you write from experience or prefer to tell a story?
Lyrically, our music is ALWAYS written from an inwards place. Telling the story of your own feelings. You can write about girls, dragons, drugs but when you talk about yourself and how you feel, you can’t go wrong. We all connect there.

The final track of The Revolt, Strangers In August, has a different vibe to it, more acoustic and understated. What prompted this change in style for a track?
Honestly, we’ve always wanted to explore ourselves musically and after an impromptu jam session, we wrote the whole thing in about an hour. It’s a side to us that we’ve always had to us that we just hadn’t shown people yet. I’m sure we’ll do it again at some point!

Since we last caught up (all the way back last September!) you’ve been doing a lot of touring, including supporting Elliot Minor. Any high/lowlights for you?
We’ve had so many highs and lows in the past 6 months. Everything from supporting Elliot Minor in front of 800 people in our hometown downstairs from the very first venue we played together to awful business deals that have broken us down, we’ve gone through it all. You’ll hear all about it on the Amaryllis album haha.

And finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of the year, and where can people see you next?
At the moment we’re just about to head out on our first ever UK headline tour with two of our favourite bands and good friends Ugly Love & Carbon, then after that we’ll be taking a step out of the public eye for a bit to write our debut album! All very exciting!

Cheers, guys!

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