Arctic Lake interview

After recently doing a review of their new single, we had a little chat with Arctic Lake.

Hi guys, I’d like to find out a little bit about your new track, Just How Long Can You Stare – firstly, who influenced the track musically?
Paul: Our influences in general are quite varied, but we mainly take influence from the melodic side of bands such as London Grammar and Bat For Lashes mixed with the heavier stuff of bands like Arcane Roots and Biffy Clyro.

And lyrically?
Emma: This is a really hard question to answer as the lyrics were almost instant for me with no particular experience in my mind apart from perhaps the subconscious thoughts and emotions that were surrounding me at the time due to certain people entering my life.

How do you go about writing music – is it a case of someone writing lyrics and everything else fitting in around them, or do you sit and jam in rehearsals to see what fits together?
Andy: Typically, Paul creates the chords and guitar melodies. Emma then writes the vocal melodies and lyrics and then I put my stamp on the song, with a powerful drum part.

How long did it take to write and record the track- are you perfectionists who won’t rest until it’s done or do you prefer to get it done and then edit it?
This song in particular came together quite naturally, however sometimes our songs can take a little more nurturing before we are all happy.

You’ve had some play recently on your local BBC radio station – tell me about hearing your track for the first time on radio.
Andy: Sean McGinty is the BOSS! My mum gave me a call when she heard it being played on the radio, and I tuned in just after the first verse. Sean was a star, calling our sound ‘big and impressive ‘, and little did we know that ‘How Long Can You Stare’ would be played on his next two shows!

Regards gigging and getting to play your music live, what’s been a highlight for you?
Paul: The kebabs afterwards (minus Emma she finds carnivores repulsive)… no but seriously, playing our music each time to a new audience is always a highlight. We recently played a gig in Portsmouth, which was great, and our first outside London!

What can we expect from Arctic Lake in the future, any plans coming up for the summer?
Emma: We shall soon be releasing our upcoming single, ‘How Long Can You Stare’ in London (location to be confirmed) and also filming the music video for this track. After that, we’ll continue to gig as much as possible!

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