Argonaut – Try Review

Channeling all forms of 90’s grunge and rock influences from Sonic Youth, Hole and The Pixies, Argonaut are releasing their sophomore album Try through Criminal Records after taking a long time in the making.

Guitar-driven music that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World soundtrack, songs like third track You Guys deliver The Blue Album era Weezer garage rock guitar work, that carries on rolling out the punches opener TV subjects the listener to.

Channelling Metric-like vocals while still keeping a firm hold of that Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) punk attitude. The vocal duties shared between main vocalist Lorna and guitarist/backing vocalist Nathan is nostalgic of Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation album and the vocals shared by Gordon and Thurston Moore, but are still free to experiment with their emotive brand of charming post-rock grunge.

Try follows on from big hitters on the debut, Garbage and The Pixies-influenced Touch Electric and More Life bleed into songs like Seven; Lorna’s presence gives the band a ‘Riot Grrrl’ atmosphere that is easy to tap into and enjoy the adrenaline kick.

Yawn experiments further the emotions and sound of Argonaut’s style, slowing down the tempo but not losing attitude as a perfect intro to seven-minute super-song September which is almost like listening to a completely different band. Lorna and keyboardist Abbey harmonious their voices together to a youthfully high standard lauded with dreamy passion and shoegaze-influenced amounts of guitar effects. September is grander and more atmospheric than many of the songs on the album; further proof of the diversity of Argonaut’s music.

Never Sleep is calmer, slowing down the youthfulness of the record and producing a maturity in the songwriting that is unexpected. Stylishly mixing strings underneath fuzzy guitars finishes the album on a high note.

You can stream or pre-order Try on Bandcamp.

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