Argonuat – MBID review

Last Monday, grunge quintet Argonaut released their new single, MBID, ahead of the second album. Their critically acclaimed self-titled debut was released back in 2012, and March 2nd sees their return with Try. Their influences range from The Cure to Madonna, their sound reinventing the fantastically popular 90s-grunge style, it’s easy to see why the likes of NME and Radio 6 have given them so much praise.

The single doesn’t even stretch to the two minute mark but seems to change direction every handful of seconds. The first fraction of the opening heads along the riff driven path of Blur, which changes to hint at Bangles influences, before the vocals wind in. The track settles on a mashup of Cardigans and Garbage influence, all fuzzed up and distinctively grunge. With a sound that’s pretty incomparable to much else, it’s safest to compare it to Madeon’s remix of Song 2.

With a well deserved place on the Criminal Records roster, the female fronted band deserve a place alongside the likes of The Kut and Marmozets with acts who don’t use that tag line as a gimmick. Try looks set to have a massive impact on the scene, and if the rest of the record is this memorable, it’ll be a brilliant success.

You can check out the video for MBID below.

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